The Diligent Approach

A vision to protect and secure.

It is the mission of DEW Diligence, LLC to provide the care and diligence necessary for protection of organizational interests and security of critical assets.

The Company provides services in information technology security consulting.

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I.T. Audit and Compliance

“Avoid penalties for willful neglect. By employing due diligence, you greatly reduce fines if found in violation and mitigate liability exposure. Compliance programs are best developed by outlining needs for laws and regulations followed by auditing progress of meeting those requirements.”

Cyber Security Protection

“We can demonstrate offensive and defensive techniques to protect and defend your environment. With the aid of security tools plus cyber intelligence we can provide insight on existing as well as potential risks, and mitigate or help combat threats with cybersecurity and pen-testing services.”

Information Security & Risk Management

“Risk management focuses on reducing the risk to company assets. Risk analysis should be done regularly to identify areas that need to be managed. This should be standard practice at your company. We can perform the analysis, make cost effective recommendations and then we can help implement procedures to minimize any exposure.”